A conversation with Julie D. Jones - Moorland Forensics: Bound by Polaris

Julie Jones

Julie D. Jones new novel 'Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris' is set in the present day and involves the efforts of a family forensic consulting firm working alongside local law enforcement assisting with crime scene investigations. After a local woman is attacked in her home on the edge of Dartmoor the team unearth information which could hold the key to the deaths of five women fifteen years earlier. As they delve deeper into the mystery unexpected elements emerge, and time is of the essence to ensure further murders are not committed.  


Why did you choose to set the book in Devon?
I was inspired to write 'Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris' whilst visiting family in Devon. I wanted to write about places where I grew up and have always been inspired by Dartmoor. At a young age I would sit on the moors immersing myself in the landscape.
Devon has rarely featured before in most serious crime fiction genre. This novel hopes to correct this situation and bring the delights of its varied and majestic landscape to a wider audience.

Who are the characters in the book based on?
My characters were drawn from my experiences working and travelling. I wanted characters who were everyday people, knowing how tough life could be and what real challenges were all about.

What kind of research did you do?
I have a love of forensic science having married an experienced forensic scientist. My husband brings a wealth of information and together we put together the crime scenes.
My novel explores different techniques of forensic science and how it plays a major role in uncovering the facts behind a murder.


Moorland ForensicsMoorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris is now available from Megalong Books RRP $18.00 

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